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Our Clients Say it Best...
“Ellis has excellent ideas, keeps his clients completely up-to-date, is honest and reliable... and is at the head of our queue for any future work.” May 31, 2010

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“Ellis has been the principal architect for my wife and I on three home remodels: one in San Francisco, and two in Palo Alto. One invoked a relatively minor remodel (in 1992), one involved a relatively serious remodel (in 1995, and 1997), and one was a virtual re-build (2007-2009). In each case, Ellis listened carefully to our design ideas and living objectives, and melded those with his remarkable insights and visions about architecture and design. In each case, he produced a beautiful, functional and livable home. He also worked seamlessly with all of our contractors and designers. We have worked with many design and construction professionals; we think Ellis is the best of the best.” March 9, 2010

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"I can write a review of authority for this company! Not only am I a residential remodeling general contractor who's worked with many architects and designers over the years, but I also hired these folks to design my own custom home.

The designs, drawings and details EASA produces are fantastic; their plans are a dream to work with - they're detailed and complete. The service I've experienced is just as good. What I've found most satisfying in the numerous times we've worked together is that these guys listen to their customers and really try to please.

There are many challenges in building these days: codes change often, planning/building departments can be tough to please, and customers can be indecisive. Ellis and team seem to know how to balance all of the above and they do it without complaint. I cannot describe the pain some cities inflict upon those wishing to build -- however, these guys seem to put it all in perspective and find a path of least resistance for their clients.

Many thanks, EASA - you designed me a beautiful home that came out fantastic and earned yourself quite a reputation in our neighborhood. You've also earned the respect of my own team and subs. Each set of plans we've seen of yours are the same - detailed, organized, and easy to follow. The best part has always been that your work consistently produces the same results... stunningly beautiful homes.

Highly recommended!" March 17,2010

Originally posted on Yelp by Bryan Temmermand, Hale Creek Construction

"Hi Ellis! Happy New Year! You don't know it, but I brag about you ALL the time. At least once a week I walk into my house and think "I can't believe I live here". Thanks to you. I keep giving your name to people I hear about who are thinking ofremodeling. Of course we would be delighted to give an outstanding recommendation for you and Shirley."

“I loved working with Ellis on the remodel of my 1915 cottage. He had quite a few barriers to overcome but was still able to come up with architectural solutions that were not only creative, but beautiful. He listened carefully to my need to keep the house as vintage as possible while still maximizing the space on a very small lot. The rebuilt house turned out stunning and I attribute it to Ellis' great design. In fact, the newly rebuilt house was a recipient of the AIA 2009 Small Project Awards. I am so proud! Check out this website: (Link) and scroll down to "Structures" then click on "Emel Residence." Ellis was easy to work with, professional yet friendly, very prompt, and extremely patient with a nervous homeowner. The whole EASA Architecture team was a joy to work with and I highly recommend Ellis Schoichet and EASA.” March 23, 2010

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“In 2006, Ellis Schoichet designed a two-room, family room / bedroom / stairway, addition to our 1932 Mediterranean-style home. His initial design conversations with us revealed the attention to detail that we had hoped for and that his references had supported during our architect selection process. The result was that his first design drawings captured what we wanted well. We then worked with his recommended soil and structural engineers, while he refined the design into a workable package for the San Mateo County review board. We sailed through the review board meeting in five minutes thanks to Ellis’ skill and knowledge of their process. One of the board members later asked us who our architect was. She said that in the last few years she had seen only one other package go through that cleanly. Ellis recommended several contractors, and we chose one of his recommendations. The contractor was excellent. The project lead worked with Ellis, completed our project in about seven months, and the new rooms melded beautifully into our existing home, both inside and out, while adding noticeable advantages to our everyday lives. We couldn’t be more pleased with Ellis’ work and, without qualification, highly recommend him.” March 14, 2010

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Kind Words From Our Colleagues...
“Ellis has been great working on a number of projects with us through the years. Fine design approach, great follow-through." March 8, 2010

Originally posted on Linkedin by Jeff Lea, Lea & Braze Engineering

“Ellis and I have collaborated as architect and interior designer for over 10 years on various commercial and residential projects. I’m impressed with Ellis’ attention to details, his understanding of the clients’ concerns and project criteria (including budget and schedule). His design is sensitive to the existing architecture and/or the client’s needs and desired style. He is careful to bring me into projects early in the design phase so we can provide seamless design experiences for our clients. Ellis' firm, EASA Architecture's construction documents are always detailed and accurate, it makes my job easier and minimize confusion for the contractors during construction. Ellis is a truly talented architect.” June 6, 2010

Originally posted on Linkedin by Shirley Lo, Shirley Lo Design

“I worked with Ellis and the team at EASA on a few projects, providing the lighting design that they incorporated into the architectural design and which resulted in some really outstanding homes. I appreciated Ellis's attention to detail and the way he structured the flow of the work so we could share ideas and drawings. By creating an environment so we could work cooperatively, we could advance the design ideas and create more value for the client.” March 9, 2010

Originally posted on Linkedin by Linda Sanford, Sanford Lighting Design

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