New Compact Home

Redwood City CA
A deteriorating existing home was removed and replaced with a new single story 2 Bedroom/ 2 Bath home with high ceilings and large windows. The home is located on a challenging ultra-narrow parcel where strict zoning restrictions limited the width of the structure to 17 feet, and the total living area to 912 sf.
EASA Architecture: Ellis A. Schoichet AIA with David Uldrick, Susan and Romeo Linares
Structural Engineer: Mike Mahmoudian & Associates, Burlingame CA
Geotechnical Engineer: Geoforensics, Foster City CA
Energy Compliance: Calc 24, Truckee CA
Surveyor: Jeffrey M. Barnea, Menlo Park CA
Builder: Patrick Fellowes, San Carlos CA
Images: Ellis A. Schoichet AIA / EASA Architecture