Commercial Headquarters

San Carlos CA
Printing by Design Offices

This 9,700 sf project began with complete removal of all pre-existing interior improvements. The new facility includes 2,160 sf of newly constructed second floor area within the existing building shell, and a completely new layout and look for the space:

  • The design makes use of exposed structure and industrial materials to create a dynamic architectural statement within a typical tilt-up type structural shell.
  • Large skylights are cut into the roof to illuminate the new spaces.
  • A two story entry lobby with a custom reception desk highlights one of several dramatic spaces.
  • The Owner’s teamwork concept is a central element in the design. The second floor office areas feature a radial design illuminated from above with a 27 ft long skylight. The shared open offices radiate out from a centrally located collaborative work area.
EASA Architecture: Ellis A. Schoichet AIA
Structural Engineer: Mike Mahmoudian & Associates, Burlingame CA
Interior Design: Ellis A. Schoichet AIA with Patty Owyang Design Studio
General Contractor: Hallmark Construction, Santa Clara CA
Images: Marco Zecchin 2002