Client Testimonials

Ellis is very detail oriented, thorough, and has an excellent eye. He is knowledgeable about all aspects of the design and construction process.
B.T. October 2018 (Houzz)

I thoroughly enjoyed working with Ellis and his team on the design for my new home. The site was difficult, the regulations complex, and the review process intense. Ellis came through it all with a great design and made it look easy! Thank you, EASA Architecture, I’d be happy to work with you again.
E.D. September 2017 (Houzz)

Ellis is an excellent architect. He produced plans to enlarge and modernize a kitchen in a 100 y.o. craftsman in Palo Alto, and to add a family room and redirect traffic flow in the rear of home. We are pleased in every way with his work. His best skill is the ability to visualize through rapid sketches alternative floor plans and elevations. He conducts this exercise sitting next to you and works quickly to bring in your own and his ideas to the experience. Truly a thrilling exercise. His work product is also first rate as two other architects passed fine judgement on his plans. I would use Ellis again since he is the most skilled professional that I know.
J.S. September 2016 (Houzz)

It has been a great pleasure to work with EASA Architecture over the past 6 months on a proposed plan for our home in Hillsborough, California. There were a LOT of challenges and quirks that required a lot of shifts and calculations. Ellis Schoichet and his team at EASA were masterful in developing solutions which enabled us to arrive at an elegant design for potential buyers.

While the whole concept of a rebuild was somewhat difficult to promote, the design EASA created was completely sensible, achievable and ambitious. Incredibly, they designed a beautiful house that nicely conformed to the confines of the allowable FAR despite a lot of code restrictions, easements and setbacks. We are grateful to EASA for their commitment and responsiveness to us as clients. You were great to work with and incredibly flexible under challenging timelines.

I highly recommend EASA to anyone looking to engage very astute and technical architects with solid architectural history backgrounds and a keen attention to detail.
T.S. December 2015 (Houzz)

After an extensive search for an Architect in and around San Mateo area for our renovation project, I interviewed and hired EASA for our project. Ellis was very knowledgeable, insightful, honest, and listened to our needs and understood them and helped us immensely to achieve our goals. It was a pleasure working with Ellis and his very professional staff.
B.F. October 2013 (Houzz)

As an interior designer myself, I work with a lot of architects. I highly recommend EASA architecture. Ellis was extremely professional, talented and easy to work with. He created plans for our ranch house remodel, incorporating our ideas with his expertise. He came up with great solutions, and his plans were extremely well done, and done on time.
D.S. May 2013 (Houzz)

Ellis Schoichet was the perfect match for us. We gutted our 3000+ ft home down to the studs and rebuilt according to his outstanding design. The planning process took 12 months for us. He is approachable, professional, highly ethical, and a genius when it came to incorporating all of our desires into the space. His attention to detail and depth of knowledge served us well. We remodeled in 2005, and I still walk into my house every day after work and think “I can’t believe I live here!”. I highly recommend EASA Architecture. Thanks Ellis!
E.K. November 2012 (Houzz)

We hired Ellis Schoichet of EASA Architecture in 2008 to handle a substantial remodel (essentially a ‘tear-down’) of a home we bought in Hillsborough. The home was a true wreck, built in the late 1960s in what can best be described as ‘Polynesian/California Rancher’. Our instruction to Ellis was to convert it into a Mission/Spanish Revival, using most of the existing floor plan — because we liked the flow and because it would streamline the Hillsborough ADRB process. Ellis did a masterful job, with few revisions. We received ADRB approval on only the second hearing (highly unusual for a project of this size). After 18 months of construction, we moved in last year (2010). We couldn’t be happier with the home — the overall flow as well as the many large and small details that are true to the Spanish Revival style. Ellis was responsive, cost-effective, dedicated and professional throughout the process. We highly recommend him!
B.H. and B.H. August 2011 (Yelp)

Ellis has excellent ideas, keeps his clients completely up-to-date, is honest and reliable… and is at the head of our queue for any future work.
N.M. May 2010 (Linked-in)

Ellis has been the principal architect for my wife and I on three home remodels: one in San Francisco, and two in Palo Alto. One invoked a relatively minor remodel (in 1992), one involved a relatively serious remodel (in 1995, and 1997), and one was a virtual re-build (2007-2009). In each case, Ellis listened carefully to our design ideas and living objectives, and melded those with his remarkable insights and visions about architecture and design. In each case, he produced a beautiful, functional and livable home. He also worked seamlessly with all of our contractors and designers. We have worked with many design and construction professionals; we think Ellis is the best of the best.
C.S. March 2010 (Linked-in)

In 2006, Ellis Schoichet designed a two-room, family room/bedroom/stairway, addition to our 1932 Mediterranean-style home. His initial design conversations with us revealed the attention to detail that we had hoped for and that his references had supported during our architect selection process. The result was that his first design drawings captured what we wanted well. We then worked with his recommended soil and structural engineers, while he refined the design into a workable package for the San Mateo County review board. We sailed through the review board meeting in five minutes thanks to Ellis’ skill and knowledge of their process. One of the board members later asked us who our architect was. She said that in the last few years she had seen only one other package go through that cleanly.

Ellis recommended several contractors, and we chose one of his recommendations. The contractor was excellent. The project lead worked with Ellis, completed our project in about seven months, and the new rooms melded beautifully into our existing home, both inside and out, while adding noticeable advantages to our everyday lives. We couldn’t be more pleased with Ellis’ work and, without qualification, highly recommend him.
C.F. March 2010 (Linked-in)

I hired Ellis to design my home in Los Altos Hills. I am a residential general contractor and have had the opportunity to work with a number of architects and designers throughout the Bay Area — to this day I have yet to find a more professional, organized architectural firm. I have had nothing but a positive experience with Ellis and his staff. The most important part of our work together, aside from their professionalism and talent, is that our home is beautiful, functional and, of course, well-built. The drawings were detailed, correct. and produced as promised. If you asked me today, some 7 years later, if I’d hire these folks again, the answer is easy… Yes.
B.T. March 2010 (Linked-in)