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EASA Architecture helps Clients 'Green' their projects!
Reducing the environmental impact of the places we live and work is a key responsibility for all design professionals, and fundamental to the design process on each and every EASA Architecture project.

Ellis A. Schoichet AIA has broad experience addressing 'Sustainability' in the man-made environment. The EASA Architecture team always seeks-out the latest knowledge and best technical understanding of these complex issues. We're committed to providing expert design and technical advice on the broadest range of building-related environmental issues.
Selected examples of recent training sessions completed by Principal Architect, Ellis A. Schoichet AIA
Staying ahead of the curve in 'Green' design and environmental stewardship requires studying new technologies, adopting improved best practices, and adapting to evolving government regulations.
An ongoing commitment to research and learning is a core value at EASA Architecture.
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