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Second Residential Unit | Burlingame CA  Back

Photos: Barbara Boissevain 2002      

A new 900 sf detached second unit and carport is the result of careful negotiations with the local Planning Department. The new one-bedroom one bath home and art-studio for the Owner is located behind a pre-existing craftsman style bungalow. Generous use of glazing brings a wonderful daylit feeling to the space. 

Even though the home is entirely surrounded by other structures, careful sizing and placement of the windows ensures a remarkable amount of privacy is maintained.  The high sloped ceilings and exposed structure give the impression of a much larger home. There is a feeling of volume and spatial complexity rarely experienced in such a small space. 

The Owner, who was involved in constructing the home, created numerous special finishes and details to complement the design:

  • The floor tiles are fabricated from stained medium density fiberboard (MDF).
  • The bathroom lavatory counter is fabricated from acrylic sheet that has been abraded to give a luminous, translucent feeling.
  • The wardrobe closet doors are custom made with rice-paper and wood. The panels are joined with a beautiful wire tied connection that demonstrates uncompromising attention to detail.
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