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New Basement and First Floor Addition / Remodel | Palo Alto CA

Excavation of a new 660 sf. basement
underneath an existing 830 sf. structure
made for a unique and challenging
project. The design was constrained by
numerous regulatory limitations, leading
to the concept of an “upside-down”
second floor addition. The new living area
remains entirely within the boundary of
the existing building footprint. A 38 sf.
addition at the rear of the existing first
floor replaced a pre-existing exterior
porch and created an interior access for
the new basement. The additions and
alterations integrate seamlessly into the
style and massing of the existing
structure, preserving the vernacular
cottage aesthetic loved by the Owner.
2009 AIA Small Project Practitioner Award Winner

EASA Architecture:

Structural Engineer:
Energy Compliance:
General Contractor:

Ellis A. Schoichet AIA and David S. Uldrick

Mike Mahmoudian & Associates, Burlingame CA
Calc24, Truckee CA
Owner (With Alex Marshall)

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