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Corporate Tenant Improvements | Palo Alto CA Back

Photos: Barbara Boissevain 2002

A 5,933 sf full-floor penthouse office suite in downtown Palo Alto is completely redesigned and reconstructed to suit the needs of an energetic venture capital group:

  • A prestigious location with tremendous views of Palo Alto and Stanford University.
  • A clean and modern design vocabulary is enriched with the use of stained wood elements throughout the space.
  • The design successfully bridges the broad range of aesthetic preferences within the client group-spanning from traditional to ultra-modern.
  • New skylights are cut into the roof structure to maximize daylight and create a vertical dimension in a space with a relatively low ceiling height that cannot be changed.
EASA Architecture:

Structural Engineer:
General Contractor:
Ellis A. Schoichet AIA

Mike Mahmoudian & Associates, Burlingame CA
Shirley Lo Design, Palo Alto CA
University Construction, Santa Clara CA
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